About Wendy

Hi, I’m Wendy,

With more than 20 years of experience in both the physical and mental health field, I hold a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Mental Health (Community) from the University of Queensland. I am an AHPRA Accredited Occupational Therapist currently servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Moreton Bay, and the surrounding/ Queensland Area. I also provide Telehealth services.

With a particular interest in intellectual disability, mental health, and the neurodivergent population, I love connecting with others and assisting them in their recovery and wellness.

In our collaborative partnership, I’m committed to identifying your goals from the outset. Our plan will not only aim at achieving these goals but will also focus on flourishing in our mutual journey. My core mission is to provide my clients with effective and prompt support as they progress toward their recovery goals.

Approaching each client with understanding, empathy, and support, I tailor my methods to comprehend their unique needs and devise strategies to fulfill them. This cultivates trust, rapport, and a solid foundation for our relationship.

The essence of any therapeutic relationship is connection. By prioritizing the well-being of my clients and ensuring their needs and expectations are met, I establish a safe and supportive environment for them to navigate their challenges and acquire the necessary skills for recovery.

My intervention approach is rooted in the strength-based recovery model, which emphasizes enhancing an individual’s existing strengths and resources rather than exclusively addressing their deficits. This empowers my clients to acknowledge and utilize their capabilities, with my support, as they embark on their individual paths to independence and an improved quality of life.

Thank you for considering me, and I’d love to help you out soon!

Why Choose OT in Focus

Possessing a wealth of experience in a variety of healthcare environments, including public health, private practice, and international roles, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges presented by different healthcare systems. This understanding enables me to navigate the intricacies of the NDIS, Medicare and Private landscape efficiently, ensuring clients are provided with prompt and effective support. My capacity to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders has proven invaluable in delivering excellent care and championing the needs of my clients.

By offering superior care and defining the objectives of clients from the beginning, I am committed to helping each individual achieve their personal goals. My ability to build a strong rapport with clients is one of my most valuable assets, laying the foundation for a trusted and connected therapeutic relationship. I approach each client with empathy and respect, placing their well-being at the forefront and ensuring their needs are addressed.

This client-focused approach allows me to establish a secure, nurturing environment where clients can confront their challenges and acquire the necessary skills for recovery. My intervention approach is grounded in the strength-based recovery model, which emphasizes the enhancement of an individual’s inherent strengths and resources, rather than exclusively focusing on their weaknesses. By encouraging clients to recognize and exploit their own capabilities, I assist them on their path towards self-reliance and an enhanced quality of life.

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